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Chroma Dermatology is an organisation with a social conscience. We believe in delivering the highest possible level of care whilst optimising your health and safety. 

In light of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we are offering Australia-wide video (telehealth/virtual) consultations with our dermatologists.

Benefit from short waiting times and access from anywhere in Australia. All from the comfort of your home.

Please note, some conditions like skin cancers and skin issues in intimate areas may need to be seen in-person. Please call on 03 8560 6946 for more information or to book your appointment.


A telehealth consultation is a digital consultation between a patient at one location and a specialist at another using technology like computers, tablet devices or mobile phones.

Since 2011 it has been widely used around the country to provide care to those in rural and remote communities. In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is a very useful way to enable us to continue to see and treat patients from the comfort of their home.

No, this service is available to new and existing patients. We invite everyone to embrace this innovative use of technology.

No, this service is available to new and existing patients. We invite everyone to embrace this innovative use of technology.

Every patient’s situation is different but in general, the benefits include:

  • Improved access (reduced waiting time) to specialist care
  • Reduced travel time and costs
  • Reduced absence from work
  • Reducing the possibility of exposure to the coronavirus/COVID-19
  • Reduce the possibility of transferring coronavirus/COVID-19 infection to others

Only Chroma Dermatology Dermatologists will be conducting telehealth appointments. All are highly qualified and are also available in-person if an in-person appointment is deemed necessary or for when the pandemic crisis is over. Please click here  to learn more about our dynamic and highly-skilled team.

We will first ask three identifying questions to ensure we adequately identify you. We will speak with you and ask you questions in the same way we would at a face-to-face consultation. If we need to get more information from you, we may ask you to send some photographs to a specified email address. Prescriptions, blood test forms etc will be posted to you in the mail so you don’t have to leave your home. If it is clearly obvious from the start of the consultation that you need to be seen in-person for your condition, a bulk-billed in-person appointment will be organised for you.

No. Chroma Dermatology does not record telehealth consultations

Not all dermatology problems can be cared for via telehealth. Skin checks and possible skin cancers as well as problems in intimate areas are examples of things that will probably need to be seen in-person. Our highly trained receptionists will work through some questions to work out what might be best for you.

If you have special needs such as an interpreter, please let us know so we can try to make will make a note of these when your consultation with the specialist is confirmed. Please note, our team can speak English, Mandarin, Farsi and Greek.

Telehealth consultations require a lot of coordination at our end, so please try to keep your telehealth consultation appointment. If you need to cancel, please let us know immediately. Failure to cancel the appointment within 24 hours of your appointment may incur a cancellation fee ($50).

Right now, telehealth consultations are available 5 days per week from 8am – 530pm AEST. Given the high demand for our telehealth consultation service, we are likely to extend the hours of care-giving so please revist our website or call our friendly receptions to discuss this further.

Chroma Dermatology will be organising private telehealth consultations. Medicare rebate rules for COVID-19 are strict so we have ensured that the out-of-pocket cost is the same as an in-person consultation. Please call us to learn more about payments for private patients, pensioners and healthcare card holders.

We are keen to get your feedback so we can continue to improve our video consultation services. Our reception staff are happy to take your feedback. We will ask for your permission to share your feedback anonymously with other healthcare professionals and our practice team. You can choose for your feedback to remain confidential.

If you have any questions about whether a telehealth video consultation may be suitable for you, please call us on (03) 8560 6946.

If you have any general questions about how telehealth video consultations work, please talk to our telehealth video consultation coordinator.

You can change your mind and stop using video consultations at any time, including in the middle of a consultation. This will not make any difference to your right to ask for and receive health care.

Please call us on (03) 8560 6946. to book your appointment.

Chroma Dermatology – investing in socially responsible dermatology care for you and your loved ones.


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